I have a obsession with cupcakes… I’m not afraid to admit this. My favorite place to visit is Jilly’s Cupcake Bar, which has so many drool worthy cupcakes begging to be eaten. Two of my absolute favorites are the Bee Sting and Ja Love, and if you’re ever in St. Louis, I highly reccomend partaking in this delicious treat.

In honor of my love of this sweet treat, I sculpted an off-mandrel cupcake piled high with pink icing and decorated with a red heart. This little guy holds the record of my quickest Etsy sale… just 20 minutes and POOF! It’ll soon be heading to another home. 🙂 I plan to be in the studio this weekend to make a baker’s dozen.

Keep a look out on my Etsy shop because I’ll have plenty of new goodies. Take care everyone! Unfortunately, I just made myself hungry. I wonder if there are any real cupcakes around…


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